The first contact with men is more stressful

In the first sexual contact, the woman will be very nervous, worried about the pain, will not be pregnant, in fact, men are more nervous in this regard, because men look at the first time is too important, important to the degree of caution, although The man said nothing, but the heart has already “opened the pot”, which is why the failure of sex is why men’s reaction is so intense. When men first have sex with women, they have to conduct simulation experiments in their minds many times beforehand. First, where to meet, where to dine, and then how to implement the next step, so repeatedly revised the plan, and constantly imagine whether it will be successful, the result will be more and more in a state of tension and anxiety. For men, having sex with a woman who is in love is an important issue that is not relevant to age. Specifically, there must be no male who has never experienced the pain of the following situations: Although women who are in love have developed to the point where they can date, they are always worried: at what time and in what way, in order to progress to sexual relations At this stage? Also, what methods can be used to make women sexually satisfied? In fact, this kind of trouble is much more serious than women think. From the date of the first date, many men will be afflicted by this entanglement of desire and mental stress. And this mental pain is often not perceived by women and is not understood by women. However, as long as men have no chance to cross this line of defense, the relationship between men and women will always be on a parallel line and will not deepen. Of course, perhaps a very small number of women will actively pursue men. Let’s talk about such a problem. Let us look at how men and women are troubled, how to be overwhelmed, how to plan their specific action plans with painstaking efforts, and finally develop into sexuality with the woman. Relationship. Once a man wants to be close to a particular woman, the general approach is to first invite her to eat or watch a movie to facilitate the realization of the date. It is not difficult to achieve this step. As long as you are not a timid person or a self-respecting man, you should be able to achieve it in a relaxed state of mind. In the process of women being invited to eat about two or three times together, men will have the desire to touch and touch the female body. The first step is to kiss. Especially when dating, men are always considering the timing of kissing. It seems that some women are worried about whether men will have sexual urges when kissing. But during walking or eating on the street, this is not possible, so there is no need to worry. Generally speaking, when men have this desire and intention, they first hope Understand each other’s ideas, but also try to communicate his own goodwill to each other. It goes without saying that as a prerequisite for physical contact, it must be a good impression, mutual trust, and mutual reassurance. On the basis of conviction on this premise, how to implement the action? Generally speaking, it is to extend the appointment time. If you propose to change to a restaurant for dinner, or to take a rest in the park’s secluded place, once you have made such an invitation, you can probably conclude that men have no usefulness.