Why are you unable to get rid of the daughter?

Eyes are stunned, and it’s going to the annual Singles Day. And this holiday has passed every year, and there are girls left every year. Is it because these girls are not qualified? Or are they too embarrassed? Perhaps they are not. On the contrary, these girls are better than other girls. So, what is the reason why they can’t get rid of the light, and what remains? 1. The Yiyi type easily shifts the pattern of heterosexual interaction in business and work environment to love. The one that has the most significant destructive effect on your love is derogatory. This feature will allow you to get a lot of friends, even confidantes, in your work. Just, in life, you can easily make the other person treat you as a good buddy. The most typical performance is that it is very enthusiastic to consider for each other. Always see where he has problems, or know exactly what kind of help he needs. However, this makes him very unsatisfied and very confident. He would think that although she is very beautiful and very good, I still prefer to be a buddy with her. 2, professional dress may be very strange, what is the professional image? I am very confident when wearing professional wear! Imagine: after you get married, he is facing the home improvement version of the home and the hardcover version of the beauty At that time, how do you rely on professional wear to increase your self-confidence? Is it necessary for you to show your treasure suit in your bedroom when he gets home from work? Men are like mountains and give women safety; A woman is like a water, giving a man a harbor. When you get along with him, show more about your style, rather than borrowing your business negotiation skills. When a man is looking for a partner who can be honored and humiliated, he may not give up the guerrilla warfare strategy of “you enter him, you are harassed, you are tired, and you retire.” Your future relationship. When the difficulty is too low and too high, it is difficult to play the real ability, and the medium task is the most efficient. This “inverted U-shaped” curve is effective for “following the male/female”. People are the same, the more you pay, the more you will persist. Men and women who rush to go to bed often suffer setbacks. It seems that such a statement can prove that men often regret not going to bed with a woman, while women often regret going to bed with a man. 4, pay attention to self-type too much attention to self, do not give each other space. Although I say how I will be, all the concerns are on my own. They are looking for admirers and slaves instead of boyfriends. 5. I am the only childish mentally retarded person. I am the most important. This is the demand of children aged 0-5. Ask him to play the role of a parent, the role of a mentor, and a playmate of the same age. This is something that has never been met in the early childhood and is now expected to be completed by a man. But the core of men’s values ​​is not in relationships but in social roles. These reasons may be the reason why you can’t get rid of singleness and can’t get rid of light. So, if you want to take off quickly and you are no longer a leftover woman, then you must avoid these problems.