Those who ignore these ten hints should live the “single dog”

Lead: Men and women who are still in the single stage. If someone around you is doing the following, then congratulations, this person is loving you. 3, look at each other’s body posture People can easily control their facial expressions, but physical movements and postures are difficult to disguise. Such as relaxed standing, open arms, these are interested in the other side. If a person wants to develop further with his favorite object, he usually tilts the body toward the other side. 4. Physical contact When the other person pats your shoulder or arm with your hand, it is sending you friendly information. The touch between the hand and the hand is a more intimate behavior. If the other person does not have any abnormality in your contact, it is likely that he hopes to have further contact. 5, pay attention to the other side of the finishing clothes when the other side has a good impression, men will tie the bow, finishing pants and flat hair; women will touch the lips, finishing clothes and revealing the neck, etc., this is instinctive behavior. 6, pay attention to a boy unless you are too boring or not continue to pay attention to a girl, of course, before you decide that he is concerned about you, but also to determine whether he is also true to other people, many boys are very good at giving girls a kind The feeling of warm man, if he only pays attention to you alone, then even if he does not like you, it is very special to you. 7. Concerned about the concern we are talking about here is not superficial. If you say that you are not good, he will be very nervous. The tension of expression is useless. See if a man can’t see what he said. Be sure to see what he did. If you can, you can ask him to send you a medicine. It’s too late for him to pick you up! If you like it, you must fly away! 8. Don’t let you wait for the boy’s love. Many things like playing games will let the girls wait, but if he likes you, there will be no more important things when they will return to you in seconds. They will watch the mobile phone from time to time, afraid to not return to you, let you wait, do not like you naturally. I don’t care. 9. Your business, he knows that boys like girls, they will definitely want to know her, know her, analyze girl’s preferences, remember birthdays, like what they don’t like, and remember them. Of course, birthdays can’t be less. So if there is a boy who knows about you, he will know that even if he says it will be remembered, it will definitely be like you! 10. Patience, a man will listen to you, unless the temper is good, otherwise it must be I respect you very much, treat you well, value you! Long-term big men can’t stand it. If you meet trouble, you will be patient to listen to you and help you solve it. Even if all the solutions are denied by you, you will still be patient and help you. It is likely to really like it. You see! What are the performances of the suggestion of love? The above small series has been introduced for everyone, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the performance of suggesting love. In summary, in fact, as long as you are good at wiping people around you, you will find that there is a person who likes you silently. This is the way of life.