Should women cohabitation before marriage should be

Q: I have been in love with my boyfriend for two years and have been away from home. Recently he wanted me to work in his city and prepare to cohabit. My boyfriend thinks this is a very common thing, but I don’t think it is good. Maybe the thoughts of men and women are different! I don’t know how women now think about this. Should women cohabit before marriage? A: The behavior of cohabitation before marriage is still very common in society. If you have a stable relationship with your boyfriend and have a plan to get married, this is fine. However, depending on your actual situation, see if your boyfriend is really planning to go with you for a long time or just for sex. Investigation: Should cohabitation be in the end, although in contemporary society, unmarried cohabitation has become a common phenomenon, but there has been support for the idea of ​​cohabitation, and some people object. A dating website conducted a survey in the form of an online questionnaire. It was found that 77.78% of the men said “like” for cohabitation, and only 44.01% of women said “happy”. In other words, more than half of women do not like cohabitation before marriage. Pro-family: cohabitation before marriage must also be engaged to the first citizen Miss Hao: cohabitation before marriage is better than first engagement, there is a guarantee. Also, before you live together, make it clear that living together is for the purpose of marriage, not just to save rent. But I personally think that trial marriage is very important, prefer to cohabit first, and not be willing to marry! Netizen “Leona-cong”: The purpose of cohabitation before marriage is to try marriage, which is a responsible approach to both parties. When I live together, I know that the two can get a piece of it? Can you get a piece? Is it loud? If you don’t fit it, don’t end it. After all, getting married once is equal to breaking a production! Opposition: Cohabitation before marriage is too unprotected. Mr. Zhang: Cohabitation It’s like trying clothes, trying to feel unsuitable, and without other constraints, if you don’t buy it, you won’t buy it. But people are not clothes! Cohabitation before marriage is too unprotected. For a long time together, women will only get deeper and deeper, and men will only care less and less. For men, cohabitation can enjoy the right to marriage without the responsibility of marriage. Netizen “Buffalo University _ Chinese Medicine Department”: Female aging is faster than men, 30 years old is the beginning of career and love for the man, the mate selection stage can be postponed, but the woman is the stage where the functions are going to aging or even childbirth, if the man At this time, the woman is not going to marry or give up the woman, and the woman will face a more serious problem of mate selection.