What kinds of men do women most want to marry in their lifetime?

What kind of men do women most want to marry in this life? One is to look at you from afar. It is a person who loves you. He always pays attention to you. He always cares about your trivial matters. Years or ten years later, when he meets you, he can still say that year, the summer, the blue flower dress you wear, the sun, the smile on your young face. . Think about it, you always think that every day is so dull, but there is a person who will silently collect about you, and wait until the plain water turns into wine, and after many years, you Inadvertently uncovering the bottle cap and smelling the rich fragrance. It is a pity that a woman’s life has not tasted the taste of being silently crushed. One is used to be bullied by you, but the object that you are being bullied is also proud. But you captured him very easily in the name of love, so he became your brave guardian and loyal servant, so he sent you home in the dark, and ran for you on the hot day. At the ball, he was afraid to even be a servant and someone to fight, afraid to lose this humble career. Your smile is most important to him, and your sigh can make his heart cut. Your eyes are his compass, and your heart is the treasure he wants to explore. If you don’t have such a moment of dominance in your life, how much it is. Another one is to recover you. You are in front of the first person, God. In front of the second person is the queen. In front of this third person, you are a humble maid. At the beginning you resist, you struggle, you are not willing to be conquered and captured, and you will never surrender to surrender, but gradually like the little prince taming the proud fox, you are tamed, you are willing He is occupied by your heart, and you are the king of death. In your life, no matter how beautiful, how talented, how noble you are, if your heart has not been encroached and captured by others in the name of love, then how bad your life should be. And as a woman, who will you choose to live with? It depends on the different minds of different women and their different personalities. The above is a detailed introduction to female sexual psychology, I hope to help you, if you have more questions, then you can click on Feihua Gender Health Network: http://sex.fh21.com.cn/xl/