Why do husbands always like to touch me?

The woman’s chest is not only a woman’s unique second developmental feature, but also an important organ for women’s breastfeeding, and the most important sexual organ in sexual life. Of course, it is an important part of the feminine curve. According to the survey, the woman’s chest has become one of the most attractive parts for men. And many women will find such a phenomenon, almost all men in sex have a soft spot for women’s chest, can’t put it down? what read more

Why do couples argue for small things?

When women chat together, they will always talk about: What kind of man can’t marry. It may be possible to list the characteristics of a bunch of men who cannot marry. In fact, living with a man for a lifetime is also not easy. It’s inevitable that there will be a long time in the quarrel. What problems exist between the husband and wife? What are the differences between husband and wife because of what is different? Well, three different opinions will quarrel, but more because of trivial read more

How to maintain a good relationship between husband and wife?

It is very common for people to feel that when they are in love and just getting married, it is the best time for two people to have a relationship. I won’t be quarreling because of a little thing, and I will tell each other what happened on my daily life. But as the age of marriage has passed, the two seem to have no intimacy of the past. So how can we maintain a good relationship between husband and wife? The goal of consistently pursuing love as a social year is destined to be influenced read more

Couples need to pay attention to 5 major taboos

We always pursue perfect sex in our sexual life, so we learn sex skills and sexual knowledge in various ways. However, in real life, people’s understanding of sex is often biased. This also leads to the fact that even if we learn superb sexual skills, we can’t make sex perfect. To this end, Xiaobian has compiled some common misunderstandings between husband and wife, and everyone corrects them in time to make sex more perfect. Misunderstanding 1, menstrual period of sexual life during read more

What should a married wife fear about sex life?

Question: Just married less than a week, people are just as the groom’s official red face, but unfortunately I have hardships. I am the wife’s first man. She never had sex before she got married, so the wedding night is a bit nervous and excusable. However, in the past few days, she has been nervous. I don’t know what to do. Answer: Newly-married Yaner, the newcomer has moved for the first time, and her sexual desire has become a living reality. Most of them are satisfied. of. read more

Men always feel that other people’s wife is good.

I always hear the female friends around me complaining: Why do my husband always say that someone else’s wife is good, and I have not found any of my own advantages? Why do my husband always like to see a colleague’s girlfriend, don’t he put me in the eye? Couples have lived for a long time, whether it is daily life or sex life, it will inevitably feel that there is no passion when I first fell in love. Men like to pursue freshness. What men see is the merits of other people’s read more