What kinds of men do women most want to marry in their lifetime?

What kind of men do women most want to marry in this life? One is to look at you from afar. It is a person who loves you. He always pays attention to you. He always cares about your trivial matters. Years or ten years later, when he meets you, he can still say that year, the summer, the blue flower dress you wear, the sun, the smile on your young face. . Think about it, you always think that every day is so dull, but there is a person who will silently collect about you, and wait until the plain read more

Should women cohabitation before marriage should be

Q: I have been in love with my boyfriend for two years and have been away from home. Recently he wanted me to work in his city and prepare to cohabit. My boyfriend thinks this is a very common thing, but I don’t think it is good. Maybe the thoughts of men and women are different! I don’t know how women now think about this. Should women cohabit before marriage? A: The behavior of cohabitation before marriage is still very common in society. If you have a stable relationship with your read more

Those who ignore these ten hints should live the “single dog”

Lead: Men and women who are still in the single stage. If someone around you is doing the following, then congratulations, this person is loving you. 3, look at each other’s body posture People can easily control their facial expressions, but physical movements and postures are difficult to disguise. Such as relaxed standing, open arms, these are interested in the other side. If a person wants to develop further with his favorite object, he usually tilts the body toward the other side. 4. read more

Why are you unable to get rid of the daughter?

Eyes are stunned, and it’s going to the annual Singles Day. And this holiday has passed every year, and there are girls left every year. Is it because these girls are not qualified? Or are they too embarrassed? Perhaps they are not. On the contrary, these girls are better than other girls. So, what is the reason why they can’t get rid of the light, and what remains? 1. The Yiyi type easily shifts the pattern of heterosexual interaction in business and work environment to love. The one read more

What is the reason why women choose to live together?

The “cohabitation” mentioned here is a fixed gender relationship of non-marriage. In the past, non-marital cohabitation was considered illegal and immoral; in some “civilized” societies in the West, cohabitation was seen as a fashionable lifestyle for modern men and women. According to statistics, half of the brides who finally went to the red carpet to hold a wedding in the 1990s lived with their boyfriends. In recent years, many urban women in China have adopted this lifestyle. read more

The first contact with men is more stressful

In the first sexual contact, the woman will be very nervous, worried about the pain, will not be pregnant, in fact, men are more nervous in this regard, because men look at the first time is too important, important to the degree of caution, although The man said nothing, but the heart has already “opened the pot”, which is why the failure of sex is why men’s reaction is so intense. When men first have sex with women, they have to conduct simulation experiments in their minds read more