Don’t be afraid to spend time with your loved ones

During the past year of separation, her husband often called her, and the two occasionally gathered together during the holidays such as “May 1st” or “Eleventh”. The time of gathering was warm and romantic, and the two people stayed for a long time. After that, I felt very lonely. However, whenever her husband asked Li Ye to come to Shanghai, Li Ye would refuse, because she was afraid that such warm romance would once again become a constant quarrel between each other in the long years read more

How should couples get along with different personalities?

When Xiao Yu and Xiao Liugang met, the family said they were very well matched. Xiao Yu’s character is introverted, and Xiao Liu is bold and sturdy. The family thinks that the two can complement each other, so that Xiao Yu will not suffer from the outside, Xiao Liu’s character will also converge under the influence of Xiao Yu. However, this kind of disparate personality has led to frequent problems after marriage. Xiao Yu has bothered to return to her family for three days, and she read more

Forbearing a limited woman

In today’s marriage, the gradual transformation of the social relationship between men and women has caused many women to truly “turn over”. This incident is a good thing, but sometimes, after the relationship is too unbalanced, the man acts as a “bag of anger” in the marriage. After being rudely controlled by the arrogant woman, the repressed people are already in their hearts. This couple’s emotions have lost interest. Li Guo and his wife only got married less than two years, read more

Praise can repel the man’s suspicion

Ogawa is a nostalgic person, retaining too many previous items and memories. After marriage, Ogawa always likes to write the love letter that the boy wrote to her, and the diary she wrote that year to look up. She thinks this is her own secret. Sometimes, taking these secrets and revisiting them is a remembrance of the past years. Careless Xiaochuan, one day forgot to clean up the diary. The memory buried in it was completely “captured” by the husband, and he suspected that Ogawa had read more

Mutual blame and easy to destroy a harmonious life

The naughty son was aroused at school, and Kang Wei was once again invited by the class teacher to “drink tea” at the school. As the saying goes, “If you don’t teach your father,” the teacher pushed all his responsibilities to Conway and “learned” him. Kang Wei, who was sweeping the floor, was very annoyed. He felt that he had a “black pot”. The naughty son’s naughty is not caused by himself. The wife who “helps to abuse” is the culprit. read more

Building a couple’s immune system to promote family harmony

It is well known that no matter what kind of injury a rubber worker cuts on the tree, they can heal naturally in the shortest possible time. The relationship between husband and wife should be the same, no matter what happened. There should be a kind of natural immunity. Even if there is a crack in the feelings, it will not be infected with the wound. Finally, the whole body will rot and it will be incurable. In marriage, it should be that the relationship should be more and more noisy, as long read more