Why did the husband’s explanation become a sophistry?

Husband and wife are in conflict, and they are always husbands who suffer. They don’t even have the right to explain. Even if they say their reasons, they will be treated as sophistry. However, stupid men will always chatter and defend their mistakes, not only will not be forgiven, but deepen the wife’s anger; smart men know that “silence is gold”, it is also a sophistry to say more, not to say. In fact, the interpretation of language contains the views of the self, and it read more

Couples are not too sticky at 37 ° C marriage just happened

A perfect marriage is like a shochu, cold and hurt, hot and hurt, 37 degrees is just right, so is the couple’s emotions. 37 degrees is the best temperature for lasting feelings. The temperature difference has such a score for the marriage, often when the husband scored 7 points for the satisfaction of the marriage, the wife only gave 2 points. This is called the “temperature difference” of marriage. Those who want to really manage their marriage, they will give their marriage read more

5 “strongeners” to maintain the temperature of love

After several years of marriage, ten years, and decades, the temperature of love between husband and wife will cool down. Without love, they will forget each other’s “good” and turn to pick and choose. Disputes and contradictions will arise. Marriage is the end of love. In fact, this situation is not inevitable and can be changed. If you want to maintain the temperature of love in marriage, don’t guard against a few shots. Cardiotonic One: Understanding the most rare thing read more

Do not take the initiative to be 3 “official” in marriage

Two people who were originally unrelated have come together, and there will inevitably be many contradictions. Although you are beginning to fall in love, although you love each other more than love yourself. But in our different growth experiences, the different views, habits and even hobbies of the two people will be very different. We are thus caught up in contradictions… Since there are many contradictions in love, the fundamental reason is that we do not realize that contradictions read more

Three sentences that hurt the most between husband and wife

Men and women need to have loyal feelings to become husband and wife, and couples need to maintain a constant feeling to be old. However, couples will inevitably have some friction when they get along. If you say something that hurts your feelings, there are three sentences that are the most hurtful. I hope everyone will not say anything. “It’s not fair.” Have you spent time thinking about the scene that Tiangong presented in a day? You are shining in the sun on the other side; read more

Do not let the mouth split the marital relationship

The communication between husband and wife is more intimate and private than anyone else, but this kind of exchange that seems to be “unscrupulous” can’t be too much. If it is too confusing, it will hurt the couple’s feelings. Therefore, couples still have to maintain their sense of proportion and etiquette when talking. This is a rule that respects the lover and makes the relationship stronger. There is no cover for the big disaster. It is reasonable to say that there should be read more